British Literature

British literature is a form of literature that is linked with the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The countries involved in this kind of literature include England, Wales, Scotland and the Northern Ireland. The English language has been used to write the British literature. Also, the literature involves writings in Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Scots, Welsh, Anglo-Norman, Cornish, Jerriais, Manx, and Scottish Gaelic among others. Northern Ireland also has included other forms of writings in their literature works that include Irish and Ulster Scots. The English literature has become a global phenomenon today due to its use in the former British colonies.

The British identity

First of all the definition of the British literature is enclosed with the historical swings of the British identity. The British literature has been altered by the way it has interacted due to the effects of British imperialism and the changing consciousness of the national identity in British nations. Although the Northern Ireland literature is considered to be part of the British, however, their counterpart of Ireland Republic literature is not part of the British literature. Welsh literature in English also called the Anglo-welsh refers to the works written by Welsh writers in English language but today that form of literature has evolved into what is regarded as the Welsh language literature. Today the pieces of literature from Scotland, Wales and Ireland are being studied to understand their methodology after the colonialism. However, the legacy of Britain still survives around the world due to the influences of colonialism that has seen substantial writings in English.

British literature translations

In regional languages of that make up the British literature, translation is a crucial feature. For example the novel “Alice in Wonderland” has been translated by various writers in different languages such as Manx, Cornish, Ulster Scots, Jerriais and also Scots. The reason behind the translations is that demand from the public who wants to enjoy familiar work in a voice which they are more familiar with. Translations in the Scots have been the most familiar in the poetry field, with the amount of work in poetry that is translated even more than new literature. In Welsh literature translations have played an important function, Latin literature has been translated in Welsh that brought new philosophical, religious vocabulary. While the Scottish Gaelic literary traditions may have limited their writers to embrace translation, the Welsh writers, on the other hand, have got the attention and experience of the foreign influence through literary translations.

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