Airport Security System

Airport Security is a major problem and issue in the 21st Century.  The major problem concerning airport security is individuals trying to bring contraband into the USA.  Another major problem concerning airport security is individuals being stowaways on the planes to come into the USA illegally.  The National Transportation Safety (NTSB) Board has tried to place many rules and regulations in place to protect the USA airways and byways.  Despite the NTSB rules and regulations, many individuals still attempt to break the rules and commit illegal acts at many American Airports.  The NTSB has left the safety of USA airports to the federal agency Transportation Security Agency (TSA), but the TSA has had to deal with many issues and problems concerning their staff, pay, and support from NTSB and other federal agencies. Airport Security is very initial to protecting the airways and borders of the USA.

The TSA is the federal agency that ensures that airports all across American have the best security systems and security measures in place to protect the customers who fly in and out of airports on a daily basis.  The NTSB is the federal agency that ensures that TSA is doing their job protecting all the airports throughout the USA. Also, NTSB ensures that each local state government provides TSA with the support, staff, and tools needed to protect the airports within their state. After 9/11, TSA and NTSB federal agencies put stricter restrictions and measures in place to protect the general public from possible terrorist attacks.  Since about the year 2012, the TSA and NTSB agents have foiled many attempted terrorist attacks and many attempts by individuals to hijack planes.  Also, TSA ensures that individuals do not enter the USA illegally or become stowaways on planes.  Despite many gains in airport security, there are still incidences where people break the rules and cause problems in airports or on airplanes.  But the good thing is that the TSA and NTSB have set-up measures to deal with such situations.  Good example is how airport staff deals with a passenger that is out of control and hard to handle.  For such passengers, airplanes now have undercover agents who can deal with difficult and out of control passengers.  With the assistance of federal agencies, airports across the country have set-up good airport security systems and techniques to deal with emergency situations.

The federal agencies, NTSB and TSA, along with local state agencies have set-up good security systems to protect US airports.  Many airports ensure that individuals do not bring contraband like dangerous weapons or drugs onto the airplanes.  The airplanes have set-up security measures to deal with difficult passengers to ensure that the flight will not be disrupted.  Airports since 9/11 have increased and improved airport security systems and security measures to ensure that the general public is protected in the airways.

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