Learning Can Be Scary

Human life is programmed to learning activities from the time of birth until death. Therefore, learning is a process and not a destiny. At any given stage of life, a person can still learn something new in life. However, learning sometimes can be scary especially when learning something new in life.

One of the scariest learning experiences many people engage in is learning how to swim. In fact, majority of people are afraid of water. However, swimming is an interesting exercise that every person would like to participate and thus attracts interest of many people to learn swimming. Swimming is a good exercise that helps people to develop strong physique. However, it requires basic skills for one to enjoy swimming. Swimming requires determination and self confidence which most people lack in swimming lessons due to fear, especially during the first few lessons.

Cause of Fear in Learning

In fact, new experiences generally make people feel a bit nervous. For instance, once people put on their swimming costumes for the first time, they look timid on the edge of the swimming pool gazing other people in the swimming pool. At this moment, nobody is conscious of him or herself. Everyone is overwhelmed by fear. Cold waters run down their intestines and may begin to sweat for no reason.

To make matters worse, it feels a bit embarrassing to see people of young age than you enjoying swimming while you are still learning. Nevertheless, the most important thing is learn and not what other people feel or think of you. However, as people keep on learning, they began to gain courage and feel at ease.

How to Conquer Fear in Learning

Things might not be quite easy for many, but through encouragement from their trainers as well as others students, the fears are minimized. Similarly to some learning to ride a bicycle or motorcycle, swimming involves concentrating on more things at the same time which make most learners feel awkward and helplessly uncoordinated.

In most cases learners begin to develop feelings that they are unable to perform. However, through persistence and practicing, the scary feeling goes down and which leads to development of confidence and comfort within learners. These make the learner feel at ease and relaxed and as a result are able to grasp all what their trainer is trying in instill in them

Learning does not only enable learners to grasp what they are been told but also how to overcome their fears. Once face with new situation, becoming so nervous and timid would not bring any solution but one should have the courage to face the situation.

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