The Role of Information Security Policy

Information security policy is a policy that is designed to protect data that is stored on computers. Almost all personal data from computer users is stored on at least one hard drive or computer somewhere in the world. Each transaction or proof of age that is submitted on the internet is now in the ethers of the computer world and runs the risk of being hacked and stolen by the wrong kind of people. That is why there needs to be a security policy that assesses and calculates potential risks and can produce effective measures of what to do in the event that something of that nature takes place.

The most efficient information security policy is one that protects everyone in the organization and any consumers who use the organization. Each transaction or communication online exposes the user to the potential threat of loss but with information security policies this threat can be reduced. These policies are designed to not only protect data that is exchanged on computers but to eradicate or at the very least reduce personal accountability for all computer personnel. Risk assessments are preliminary measures which must be completed prior to a security policy being put into place.

Departments that handle information assets or any type of electronic resources should be required to conduct regular and formal risk assessments. These assessments act as a process by which potential risks to the IT security should be assessed. This process allows companies to map a way to safeguard their network structure. It also allows companies to answer questions that would lead to improved defenses of the network. Some questions will show you that an upgrade will be needed. Some will tell you if there are additional costs in order to meet your business demands and how long it will take to implement.

Therefore it is important that risk assessment be used. But it is equally important that it cannot always stop a risk. Natural disasters can ruin networks but cannot really be stopped by a risk assessment. The most that can be done is to provide training to employees to secure the network should that take place. Once a risk assessment is done it is a good idea to conference with employees to ensure they all understand the new policy. Anyone who will be using any systems affected by the security policy should be kept up to date on the valuable information they need to operate safely and securely.

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