A perfect thesis is a number one step to your winning paper

There is an argument which says it is impossible for every student to always write a winning paper. It's a bit like the lottery that there can only be one or a few people who collect the jackpot. In theory this may be true. In practice, if you follow the basic steps, there is no reason why your essay cannot receive high or even top marks. There are a number of ingredients which go to make up a winning paper and one of those most definitely is a perfect thesis statement.

You will find many articles and blogs which trumpet the fact that choice of topic is essential if you wish to give yourself the best possible chance to write a winning paper. And this is true. However, the best choice of topic does not guarantee the best thesis. It is essential that you take your time and create a thesis statement which gives you the best possible chance to write really well.

Here are some ingredients or qualities which make the perfect thesis statement

How easy is it for you to argue the assertion in your thesis? If it is difficult to create an argument then you will have difficulty creating a winning paper. On the other hand, if it is easy to build up a strong and believable argument in support of your thesis, then you're well on the way to making your paper one which receives high marks. It's even possible to go as far as saying that if your thesis is not conducive to a powerful argument, then it is not really a thesis at all. It is more simply a piece of information or a fact. It must be a thesis which invites controversy.

How specific is your thesis? This is one aspect of essay writing where many students come undone. They are working on a general theme where a number of points can be made without any one requiring greater depth of understanding. You need a specific thesis so you can concentrate in greater detail on one particular aspect. A powerful argument on a specific thesis topic equals a winning paper.

Forget about the laundry list. Many students go to great lengths in writing their essay to include a wide range of facts or information. This is not the way to create a winning paper. Yes, facts are important, but it is the way you argue in favor of your thesis statement which will win you the best possible score. Anyone reading your essay will not be impressed by the fact that you have the ability to copy facts from a book or website. What will impress the reader is your ability to argue your case and substantiate your argument with powerful facts and solid reasoning.

Being able to challenge the thinking of the reader is a huge plus in your favor. If your thesis is strong and you are able to show where the thinking of many people is incorrect, then you are well on the way to producing a winning paper.

Essay Types

Once you know how to tell the difference between essay types, writing becomes much more easier.

Editing Rules

Never forget to check your assignment for mistakes. The most striking idea can be annihilated by stupid grammar lapses.

Essay Samples

Samples are convenient when It comes to learn the structure, format, and also as a source of information for your own writing.