The Role of a Pastor in the Growth of Local Church and its Impact on the Universal Church

Shepherds are feeders, shepherds are rescuers, shepherds are leaders, shepherds are protecters, and shepherds are comforters. Pastors are the local churches’ shepherds. A pastor is a role model for the congregation. The consistency of a pastor is what defines a successful local church.

A local church usually serves a community by giving specific guidelines for them to live by, along with many lessons that pastors teach on a weekly basis. The children of such communities are usually raised with the guidelines they learn in their homes from their parents, the guidelines they learn at their schools by their teachers, and the guidelines they learn at their local churches from their pastors.

The pastors’ main role at the local church is to be the best example for the community. However, when we look at the growth of the local church, one can’t help but wonder who is responsible for that? Is it the pastor’s job to get out of the church, preach to the world, and grow the church? The answer could be debatable, one side of the debate is that the pastor’s role in the local church is to create a positive community that can go out in the world, and be a good mirrored image to the local church, and this is a way where a pastor can play a role in growing his local church. They pass the knowledge, and ask the community to be generous with it.

The universal church on the other hand gets its image based on many small churches called the local churches. The more consistent the pastors are in their local churches, the more it grows, and when the local churches grow, the universal churches grow with it, creating a positive society that involves the church as a whole.

The universal church gets its reputation from the pastors at the local Churches. Whether it’s a bad reputation or a good one, it all comes down to what the pastors are promoting in the local churches. The pastors are the ones that raise awareness, and even though they invite people to their local churches, they are still under the universal church’s umbrella.

That was all one side of the coin. In many real cases, the pastors keep the local church’s on a small level, making sure they teach the community something to live by, they gather money to help the poor, but they don’t try to grow the church to where it can impact the universal church, and bringing more attention to it.

In the end, the pastor is the image of his local church, and the local church is a small image of the universal one. Whether the pastors promote peace, evil, or anything in between, they will always impact the universal church in one way or another.

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