Free Tutorial On How To Create An Essay About Who Am I

‘Who am I’ is perhaps the biggest mystery of mankind. Our existence in this vast universe is itself an unsolved mystery till now, no matter how tall claims the astrophysicists make. If you often ponder about who you are, where did you come from, and where you will go, it will be easier for you to start your paper nicely. Even if you don’t, you can easily cross the hurdle by following these tips.

Read spiritual books

Spiritual gurus and thought leaders often ask existential questions and try to find the answers to these questions. If you read their blogs and books or subscribe to their website newsletters, you will be able to understand many spiritual theories and concepts which would help you in writing a perfect composition on this particular topic. If you are ready to do some legwork, you may also attend a few conventions and public meetings of these spiritual leaders to understand the meaning of life from a spiritual; perspective.

Read philosophical theories

Philosophers who live outside the tenets of spiritualism also have tried to find the answer to this very basic question repeatedly and you might find many good answers from them. You may need to read their books and blogs to understand the philosophical theories. Do not exclude these theories from your discourse. Rather, you need to borrow ideas from both the philosophers and the spiritual gurus to write one on your own.

Self-introspection is necessary

If you meditate, it may come handy for writing this essay in particular. You can take a deep breath and think about yourself, your formative years, your parents and you may seek the answer in yourself. However, this requires patience and perseverance. You may not be able to analyze yourself on the very first day of meditation.

What you should not do?

You should not just quote spiritual leaders or philosophers to write your essay. Instead, you need to understand the true meanings of their words and use your imagination for writing a great literary composition on this topic. Remember that the admission officer will also look for perfect grammar and spelling and correct formatting. Therefore, you should not overlook these areas.

Lastly, if you are not confident enough to write this piece, you can go online to find agencies that offer professional writing and editing assistance. There are plenty of them online and you can easily find one.

Essay Types

Once you know how to tell the difference between essay types, writing becomes much more easier.

Editing Rules

Never forget to check your assignment for mistakes. The most striking idea can be annihilated by stupid grammar lapses.

Essay Samples

Samples are convenient when It comes to learn the structure, format, and also as a source of information for your own writing.