Formatting tips: how to write a paper in APA style

If you are writing an APA paper you have to ensure you follow the correct format. The APA style format is a format guide designed by the American Psychological Association so that professionals and students alike in the fields of psychology and behavioral science would have a singular format to use. This makes it easier to catalogue and find information in the field.

Below you will find some formatting tips to ensure you write a paper APA style and write it correctly:

  1. For starters everything needs to be double spaced.
  2. You should use Times New Roman font unless otherwise directed by your teacher or the person who assigned the paper.
  3. Everything should be size 12.
  4. You should use one inch margins on all sides.
  5. You should number every page in the upper right hand corner. Note that the page number should come directly to the right of the first few words of your title.
  6. For example: if your full title is “Psychological Impacts of Modern Camera Phones” your page numbers would look like this:

    Psychological Impacts 1

    Psychological Impacts 2


    (Note that “Psychological Impacts 1” represents the page number on the first page of your essay and “Psychological Impacts 2” represents the page number on the second page of your essay)

  7. On the title page you will need to include a running head on the top left side in lieu of the page number. It will look like this:

  8. Running head: PSYCHOLOGY IMPACTS

    (Note this is located in the upper left hand side of the page with the words from your title in all capitals)

    If you have a short title you can include the whole thing but for longer titles it is best to only include the first two or three words.

  9. In the center of the title page you will want to include the following:

  10. Psychological Impacts of Modern Camera Phones
    Student Name
    Academic Institution/Course

  11. After the title page you should include an abstract page. This page includes the abstract and possibly keywords if your paper requires it. It should be a condensed blurb about your paper which is kept to between 100 and 200 words.

  12. It should be formatted like this:

    Abstract: Insert words here about the topic you will be addressing and your methods as well as your findings. Keep it double spaced and within the word count.

    Keywords: psychological; camera; phones

  13. After this you include your title centered on the next page like follows:
  14. Then insert the body of your writing with any subheadings you choose. Make sure to intent each paragraph and include your reference page at the end.

Essay Types

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Editing Rules

Never forget to check your assignment for mistakes. The most striking idea can be annihilated by stupid grammar lapses.

Essay Samples

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