Who Can Help Me Get Proofread Thesis Examples?

The best way to understand how you should write your thesis is to read many examples of dissertations by other people. However, these samples should be of high quality, or you may get a distorted idea. Here is a brief guide on where and how to find proofread thesis examples.

  • Ask your advisor whether he or she can provide you with dissertation examples.
  • Your supervisor must have many previously submitted theses on file. Ask if you can have a look at them. These examples are the best ones you can get as they are in compliance not only with your university guidelines but also with your advisor’s requirements.

  • Visit your university library.
  • Use an online catalogue to find published theses that are most relevant to your discipline and topic. University libraries have lots of published dissertations. For more examples, visit your local library. Physical libraries as a source of information are often underestimated in the age of the Internet, but some of them have materials you can find nowhere else. Not all published dissertations are digitized, especially those that have a narrow and specialized focus, yet they may contain valuable information for those who are going to write their thesis in a related field. A qualified librarian can help you with the choice of dissertations to use as your examples.

  • Ask your colleagues.
  • People who have already completed their theses may recommend you a good source of examples. However, be critical. What was good for them, may not necessarily be as good for you and your topic.

  • Go online.
  • If you already have selected your topic, look for dissertations written on similar subjects. Type your keywords, then add “file:.pdf” – it will narrow the search to theses available full-text for free. If you are confused or not satisfied by results, look for free dissertation databases instead. Just type “free thesis database,” and your search engine will yield lots of links. However, there may be databases that offer free access only to a limited portion of text, e. g. first 25 pages of each thesis. Read carefully the conditions on each website you visit.

  • Do not buy any dissertations unless you absolutely need this particular one.
  • You do not have to pay to get a proofread, reliable thesis example. There are many good dissertations you can access for free, both online and in libraries.

  • Visit a dissertation writing lab.
  • Look for specialized websites about thesis writing. You will find not only excellently proofread examples but also useful tips and recommendations on how to work on your thesis.

Essay Types

Once you know how to tell the difference between essay types, writing becomes much more easier.

Editing Rules

Never forget to check your assignment for mistakes. The most striking idea can be annihilated by stupid grammar lapses.

Essay Samples

Samples are convenient when It comes to learn the structure, format, and also as a source of information for your own writing.