Euthanasia is the end of a sick person so that their suffering can be relieved. Someone who undergoes euthanasia is in an incurable condition. There are other cases when people want to put an end to their lives. It could be a person’s request because of too much suffering and the decision could be made by relatives, medics or even the courts. Euthanasia is an issue of debate being surrounded by religious, ethical as well as practical considerations.


Euthanasia raises several ethical issues as it faces agonizing moral dilemmas:

  • a. Is it the right thing to put an end to the life of an ill patient who suffers from severe pain?
  • b. Can euthanasia be justifiable? If yes, under what circumstances?
  • c. Is there any difference from a moral point of you between killing and letting someone die?
  • d. Can a human being have the right to decide on someone’s life?

According to the general opinion, euthanasia should not be allowed as it is not morally right and can be used as a cover for murder. Taking action is the best solution as euthanasia means giving a lethal injection and put an end to someone’s life. Euthanasia is meant to reduce pain even if the patient dies sooner. However, the argument in favor of euthanasia is that the doctor’s intention is to relieve the pain and not to kill the patient


Why Euthanasia is Preferred

The unbearable pain is the major reason why very ill people seek euthanasia. Surveys in the USA have shown that there are many requests for euthanasia because of the severe pain. Very ill people are asking for euthanasia because of the damaged physical conditions such as nausea and vomiting, paralysis and many other difficulties. Psychological factors that make people opt for euthanasia are depression, fearing loss of control, or dislike of being continuously dependent on some other person.

As for the pros and cons, there is a strong argument that sustains that each person has the right to control their own life and determine when they could put an end to their life. In their opinion, death is the very end. Religious opponents do not agree with the belief that the decision to die belongs to each human being. According to the religious belief, life and death belong to God and his power. The decision to die by the lethal injection will always be debatable.

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