The Influence Of Video Games


Parents are always worried that video games are destructive to the behavior of their children. However, video games influence children positively or negatively based on the point of view you take when analyzing the effects. A major controversial issues related to video games is the violent behavior in children. This paper will, therefore, address the positive impacts and negative features associated with video games.

Case for Video Games

Most video games involve gamers in intellectual thinking, which gives their brains a real workout. They make children good at following instructions. Video games present challenges at incremental levels and, therefore, the child learns how to strategize and handle the problem quickly. The child acquires problem-solving skills, enhances their decision-making and enables them to think logically.

Video games improve one’s hand-eye coordination, as well as visual processing. The visual attention skills gained from playing video games are known to contribute to enhancing surgical skills. They become more contrast sensitive and decipher meaning more quickly from what they see as compared to children who spend less time on video games. In addition, the gamers learn resource management skills and logistics. Accuracy and concentration are other skills boosted by playing video games. Some games that require multiple players such as Team Fortress2, foster teamwork and cooperation skills in children.

The case against Video games

Most video games are discouraged due to the violence they contain. Children tend to become aggressive and see nothing wrong in what others consider to be wrong. Social isolation is also likely to occur because children spend less time with their family or friends. Video games also portray women as vulnerable and sexually provocative. The academic achievement of a child may be affected spending more time playing video games. Video games are addictive, and studies show that children are more likely to skip their homework to play video games. They affect their concentration in the long-term and may increase their depression and anxiety levels. Children are also more likely to learn bad language when playing online.


Parents should monitor their children, limit the time spent playing video games and provide them with alternative sources of entertainment so that they don’t get addicted to only one thing. They should also utilize video games as a way of bonding with their children by playing with them.

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