Love and Kiss

On the Christmas Eve of 1954, a young couple Jim and Della with their hands held tight strolled towards the sea shore. With a gentle kiss on her warm lips, Jim slowly pulled a nicely wrapped gift from his black cargo jeans. The very moment, Della removed her muffler and found herself holding a package for Jim. Their eyes widened, hearts started to pound, stood like statues, like monuments frozen for eternity, and both couldn’t believe what they saw. Jim sold his strapless watch to buy an antique comb, while Della cut her long silky hair for golden strap. They sacrificed their own pleasures to foster their selfless love for each other. How often we meet such people down the subway? To be in love with someone who loves you can change your perspective towards life for good. For me, the absence of lust, and presence of sacrifices truly embodies the enchanted love.

Love and lust are two distant cousins who often do not agree with each other. While I knew the former, I never met the latter hitherto. Love and I grew up hand-in-hand over the years, and shared quite a few interesting moments. Similar to odorless and tasteless water, love is Omni-present. Love is water, hot when boiled, cold when frozen, sweet when you are thirsty, dreadful if you have in plenty, easy to fetch it, but hard task to leave it. They both exist in three states, solid when we are young, liquid when we are in a relationship, and gaseous when wrinkles appear. The strings that tie a child with the mother, a husband with his wife, and a grandchild with the grandpa are visible testimony to the magic of love around us. All of us go through these stages during the course of life and love takes various forms as we grow old.

It was during the liquid phase, I met love’s long lost buddy “kiss” and stayed with me till today. The first kiss with the woman you love is something you couldn’t trade and treasure it forever. The cupid arrows hit me during my sophomore year and three weeks after our date, love blossomed between us and kissing was no more a taboo anymore for me. Like we have different forms of love over the years, kisses vary with respect to subjects we encounter during this period. So for now, I only ask you to love your neighbors, kiss your dear ones, and wish others would do the same.

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